About Us

In 2009, a group of enterprising techno-functional consultants with dynamic vision and pioneering spirit got together to establish and deliver quality Work Force Management services to customers in the Information Technology domain. The firm grew quickly and became popular with local businesses and established Aceline Tech Solutions as a leader in the IT Consulting & Staffing industry.

Since then, six years later the company’s philosophy of treating every customer like the only customer, is alive and delivering quality in everything we do and this is just one of the reasons Aceline Tech Solutions has emerged as one of the most trusted and respected names in Workforce Management Solutions. Our progress forward is built keeping one goal in mind – ‘customer satisfaction’.

Today, Aceline Tech Solutions delivers staffing solutions across the APAC region & USA that includes temporary, full time placement, recruitment process outsourcing and consulting.

Vision & Aceline Values


To provide the best workforce solutions in Consulting & Staffing.”

Aceline Values

  • We Succeed When Our Customers Succeed
  • We Grow When Our People Grow
  • Teams Work, Boundaries Don’t
  • Energy and Focus Transform Challenges into Opportunities
  • Outstanding Execution Delivers Impact
  • Innovation Keeps Us Ahead of the Curve
Our People

Every member of Aceline Tech is a proud Acelinite working with immense dedication and passion delivering triple bottom line growth to our stakeholders. The Acelinite define the company and are wholly responsible for the success of the company.

Life @ Aceline

Aceline Tech is a people-oriented company and we truly believe that happy and energized employees are the key to our success. We are committed towards attracting and retaining talent and follow best practices to ensure that they build fruitful and rewarding careers with us. We strive to create a vibrant and open work environment that is employee-friendly and socially responsible. We offer a good work culture that provides opportunities for constant learning and growth, based on our culture of performance and meritocracy.

Rewarding is intrinsic to our nature and we ensure that excellence never goes unrecognized. We believe that rewarding provides recognition and motivation to high performers to continue with their winning ways.

Aceline believes that open, transparent and frequent communication with employees on both good and bad news fosters trust and goes a long way in building employee loyalty.

Empowering employees to voice their ideas, concerns and feedback is a key piece to keeping them happy. A key channel for garnering feedback is the Employee Feedback Form Etc Survey – the results of which are driven with rigor and passion throughout the company